What is Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diet

For a long time, the utilization of a low carb diet is controversial. The fat-phobic health professionals have originally demonized the low carb diet. Low-carb diets have been controversial for decades. Some people initially considered that the intake of a low carb diet can result in cardiac diseases due to high-fat content in it but according to recent research in the field it has been proven that a Keto diet plan or low carb diet can result in considerable weight loss.

What is ketosis?

Generally, for the sake of energy, our body is dependent on carbohydrates and sugary food as they are considered as fuels for the body. As the body achieves the state of ketosis, fats are burnt more instead and the body relies less on carbohydrates and other sugars for energy production.

  • How a ketogenic diet works?

When you are following a ketogenic diet plan, the metabolic state which your body achieves is known as ketosis. As the body enters ketosis your body will experience many related health benefits.

  • How ketosis burn the fats?

When you eat a carbohydrate-rich diet, the carbohydrates of the body are broken down into glucose. This glucose is used by the body to release energy for everyday functioning and the reserves of fats are built up in the body for future use (in the case when carbohydrates are not sufficiently available). In the ketogenic diet plan, the food is low in carbs and hence the intake of carbohydrates is limited and the body has to rely on the alternate energy source which is fats. The body fats start to breakdown and energy is released.

  • How to get into ketosis?

You need to follow a keto diet plan strictly. Here are some tips to get into ketosis faster:

  • Do not consume more than 22 carbs per day.
  • The calorie requirement of the body should be fulfilled from healthy fats which are taken in the keto diet and moderate proteins.
  • Change in the eating pattern will change your metabolic procedure of the body and the body enters into ketosis naturally.
  • Food to eat in keto diet plan:

When the term ketogenic diet plan or keto diet plan is used people get confused. It is all about eating lesser carbohydrates (as recommended lesser than 22-24 carbs per day). These carbs are substituted by healthy proteins and fats in the diet so that the body should metabolize fat reserves of the body for the production of energy.

Keto diet

  • The food to eat during keto diet plan:

The food which you can safely take while on the keto diet includes seafood, meat, eggs, the vegetables which are lower in carbs, green leafy vegetables, olives, avocados, cauliflower, coconut, and olive oil. Some high-fat products could be used as well which include ghee, butter, nuts. You can also take some low carb fruits to fulfill your calorie requirements.

  • The food to avoid during keto diet plan:

The food which you need to avoid during keto diet should be cereals such as wheat, corn, oats, rice, sugar-containing foods, legumes, vegetable oils especially processed oils, potatoes, artificial sweeteners, the fruits which are rich in carbs such as pineapples, grapes, and mangoes.

Benefits of Keto diet:

There are several benefits of low carb and Ketogenic diets which are mentioned below in this article:

  • Suppression of appetite:

When a person dies, hunger is one of the serious side effects of it and people eventually give up. While taking a low carb diet the biggest significance is the reduction of appetite. It is proven medically that people eating a low carb diet end up eating lesser calories as the diet is generally based on proteins and fats. Hence we can say cutting the carbs from the diet can result in a reduction of appetite and gradual weight loss.

  • Better reduction in weight with a low carb diet:

The use of low carb and Ketogenic diet results in faster and gradual weight loss. The reason is that with a low carb diet body gets rid of excessive water and also due to lower requirement of insulin levels in the body kidneys also release excessive sodium which ultimately results in quick weight loss within two weeks. You can also add some healthier carbs once the weight loss goals are achieved.

  • More fats are burnt from abdominal parts:

The places where fats are stored in the body is important in determining the potential health risks. If the fats are stored under the skin, they are generally not harmful while the visceral fats under the abdominal cavity can result in serious consequences as they tend to lodge around the main body organs. The intake of Ketogenic and low carb diet can help in the faster reduction of harmful abdominal fats.

  • Reduction in triglycerides:

Molecules of fats unite to form triglycerides which are considered as the most harmful fats in the body. The intake of low carb or Ketogenic diet can result in a speedy reduction in triglycerides thereby preventing various cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure.

  • Increase in the HDL level (Good cholesterol):

The HDL is also known as high-density lipoprotein and is considered as heart-friendly cholesterol. The function of HDL is to carry to cholesterol away from the body into the liver for its oxidation and excretion. Higher HDL in the body can a considerable reduction in the risk of heart-related diseases. The intake of a low carb diet including fats is the best way to increase the level of HDL in the body. Hence low carb diet though rich in fats but is always important as it increases HDL in the body which is termed as body’s good cholesterol.

  • Improvement in Type II diabetes:

When we take carbs in the diet, they are broken down into sugars which are digested in the body and glucose is the end product of this digestion. The glucose enters the bloodstream and increases the level of sugar in the blood. As a result, the body responds by secreting insulin which helps to convert useless glucose into stored product glycogen to be used at the time of starvation. For diabetics they have developed resistance against insulin and cells don’t absorb glucose under its action. It is, therefore, harder to bring glucose into stored form inside the cells. The condition results in type II diabetes which can be reversed with the intake of low carb or Ketogenic diet containing a little sugar.

  • A gradual reduction in blood pressure:

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the serious health-related risks which can result in serious consequences such as kidney failure, stroke, and other heart diseases. The intake of a low carb diet is an effective way to reduce blood pressure which helps you to live longer. Also, the harmful triglycerides are broken down rapidly when a person takes in a low carb diet; hence heart and major body organs remain protected from health risks.

Bottom line:

The ketogenic diet plan comprises of intake of simple food which is low in carbs. The mechanism of ketosis is based on the breakdown of body fats for energy production. There are so many health benefits of eating a low carb diet.

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