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It has been proven by medical science that obesity is one of the most serious health concerns and is linked to many cardiovascular diseases. It has become important to take a well-balanced diet and fitness exercises to stay healthy and to rule out the risk of such diseases. Under this scenario, the balanced diet, as well as workouts, is highly important.
There are many physical exercises which can be performed to get effective weight loss and to make abs. It is not an easy task to get stronger and healthier muscles at the abdomen and to get rid of excess body fats. With proper exercise, you can always have finer abs and strong flat belly. When exercise is combined with healthy eating the results are further magnified. In order to stay fit and healthy, one needs to perform some workouts such as endurance, cardio, strength, and other abs specific workouts.
Here are some ways to work out in the best way and attain your fitness goals and get effective weight loss. All these exercises and measures will help you to find your abs.

• Diet Cleansing is essential:

To clean up diet is essentially the very first step to your six pack abs. if you are interested in making stronger abs, you need to get rid of body fat at first and lower the intake of fat-rich diet. This can be attained by getting rid of processed food or junk food, excessive sugars and sugary diet, processed carbohydrates etc. To further strengthen your body you can also take nuts, fresh vegetables, different fruits, and organic lean proteins to stay healthy. Some fats are also healthy such as olive oils, fish oil, avocados, etc. According to some top dietitians, multiple meals a day is also an ideal way to get rid of excessive fats and to keep the belly flat. People who take one or two meals a day often eat a lot and in this way, they gain more fats and risk of obesity are even higher. Carbonated drinks should be avoided and instead add fresh juices and plenty of water in the diet. An important point to note here is to not cut the calories drastically or else you can end up in lowering your metabolism. To sum up we can say that eating a more healthy diet which is rich in nutrients is key.
Duke University conducted research involving 119 participants suffering from obesity, they were divided into three groups such as AT (aerobic training), RT (resistance training), AT/RT the combination of cardio training and weight lifting. Specific workout routines were guided to the participants for 8 months without any changes in lifestyles. Diet and sleep times were not changed at all. In the period of eight months, the progress of participants was measured in terms of body mass, lean mass and fat mass. It was seen that cardio training lead to regain of weight after some time while other groups demonstrated a considerable decline in body weight consistently.

• High Intensity fitness training workouts:

To get in shape is the dream of everyone. If you want to get healthier and fitter and get rid of excessive fats in a much shorter period of time, you simply need to burn more calories. You are not supposed to spend all your time in the fat burning zone, rather perform some HIT workouts (high-intensity training) three to four times a week. As per various health researchers, it has been proven that with short and high-intensity training workouts you can burn more calories. The cardiovascular fitness is also essential and these high-intensity workouts can be helpful in this regard. Make it sure that you ramp your intensity slowly. On the other hand, you can even wind up with an injury.

• The cardio vascular work outs:

To burn a lot of calories aerobic exercise is one of the safest and efficient ways, especially in a long haul. With these aerobic exercises, you can maintain good physical health and tone up your muscles. If you simply modify your diet and only reduce the intake of calories without any work out you can get weight loss at initial phase but with the passage of time, you will reach a place where loss of body muscles begin and this is a serious condition. A personal fitness training plan has a strong cardiovascular workout base and this helps to get rid of excessive fat and maintain your body muscles. With the help of these cardiovascular workouts, you can maintain your muscle mass which is a key to health. Experts advice long walks, biking, hiking, swimming for this purpose on a regular basis. Try to walk some miles and avoid using cars in excess.

• Muscle build up:

For fitness routines, strength training is essential but when you are looking for six packs, building up more muscles is effective and it can help you in the long run. Along with weight lifting the strength training can build up more muscles and increase the rate of metabolism and hence the muscle mass increases as a result. Strength training is a great and ideal way to burn more calories in a shorter time span. The muscles are strengthened, tendons and ligaments become stronger and strain is reduced at the joints which can ideally prevent many sports-related injuries ultimately.

Fitness Tips

• Core and abdominal workouts should be performed:

As you start performing exercises and take a balanced diet to get rid of excessive fats in the body, there will be a point when you will successfully lose the body fat to the point where six-pack abs become prominent. The core strengthening workouts at this point can make your abs more visible and prominent. You need to understand well to exercise your abs safely; you will also come to know that core exercises are highly effective. You can perform multiple joint movements and stay healthy and fit for a long time.

• The plank workouts:

If you are trying to find the six packs the planks can help you. But for this, you need to learn how to perform the planks properly and how to maintain the straight line from ears to toes. For ten seconds hold it and build up to as much as 1 minute.

• The Bicycle crunches:

Another highly effective and great core exercise is the bicycle crunch. As you perform bicycle crunches many body muscles are engaged at once to ensure work the core in all the probable ways. You need to be consistent for this and can get ideal six packs.

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• The Vertical Knee Raises:

The captain’s chair or the vertical knee raising work out generally need some tools from the gym, hence for this, you need to check out the health club and try it to get strong muscles and abs.

Healthy tips

• Exercise ball crunches:

One of the best and easiest workouts which you can even perform at home is the exercise ball crunches. Try this simple, easy and effective exercise for ideal abs.

• Indulge in a sports activity to build stronger abs:

One of the ideal and easiest ways to get prominent six pack abs is to get involved in some active sports. As you play active sports you tend to burn so many calories naturally. The sportsmen particularly athletes who play games keep their upper and lower bodies engaged. When these body parts are moved repeatedly the by-product is the six pack abs. This is one of the reasons why sportsmen generally are more fit and have prominent six pack abs as compared to other people. With active sports, you can get six pack abs with all fun.

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