Keto Diet vs Vegan diet: A Complete Step by Step Guide

Ketogenic Diet vs Vegan Diet

If you are likely to see the posts regarding weight loss you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time on social media. Since there are a lot of companies who are busy promoting their latest products regarding weight loss.

Some of the products are sold in the market with strict diet restrictions and it becomes too difficult to manage such diet plans.

In the United States, as per investigation, people spend millions of dollars on weight loss supplements. These days due to the inclusion of fast food and a high caloric diet more than 2 out of 3 people are considered to be overweight and a victim of obesity.

Obesity, as per modern research is related to so many health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver diseases, etc. Under this scenario weight loss is essential.

Another research also states that 1 out of 6 kids and adolescents between two to nineteen years of age are marked as obese these days. The health care professionals and research workers are looking for some more reliable and effective policies which are based on the latest scientific techniques for successful and easier weight loss.

Along with weight loss supplements, some special diet plans are also suggested to make the weight loss easier in a shorter possible time. The two main plans which are very much popular for weight loss include vegan diet, keto diet or ketogenic diet.

In terms of good food strategy, both diet plans stand at the polar opposites but both pans are highly promising and ensure effective weight loss in a short time. In this article, we will compare various types of diet especially keto and vegan diet and their weight-loss potential.

The Keto vs Vegan Diet:

The keto diet or ketogenic diet comprises of high fat intake, less and low carbs at the same time. Rich sources of fats are advised in this diet plan such as dairy products and avocados; you are allowed to take little servings of proteins and a negligible amount of carbs.

keto vs vegan diet

In this diet, you are supposed to quit many vegetables, fruits, and grains. Also, the intake of sugar is not allowed while taking up this particular diet plan. On the other hand, the vegan diet as the name indicates comprises an eating plan based on plants.

All the food which is obtained from animal resources is forbidden in this diet. You can take plenty of vegetables, fruit, and whole-grain for energy. It has been shown by various researches that both plans are effective and they can lead to effective weight loss. There are some factors however which help to determine the success rate of these diets such as what it takes to get there and how much you are likely to sustain it.

  • The Mechanism of the Keto Diet or Ketogenic Diet Plan:

Mechanism of the Keto or Ketogenic Diet Plan

The human body depends on carbohydrates for the production of energy. The energy is used to perform various functions while the excess of carbohydrates is stored in the body in the form of glycogen.

The preferred source of energy comes from carbohydrates. For these energy reserves, you normally have a steady supply. The carbs which we intake are burned by the body and energy is produced.

Under normal conditions, a person takes more carbs than needed and in this way, excessive carbs in the body are stored in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is the stored form of carbohydrates. Under conditions such as starvation, fasting the glycogen in the body is broken down to release energy.

The excessive water is also lost when the glycogen is lost from the body. As this happens you are supposed to drop several pounds without this water weight. As this happens the body after some days enters into a new metabolic state which is known as ketosis.

During this phase, the body makes use of the stored fats as energy reserves since the carbohydrates and glycogen are already used. In this particular diet plan, a large number of fats are consumed and in this way, the cravings are minimized as well. The fats make you feel fuller and cut down other meals of the day. Intermittent fasting along with keto is another way to sustain weight loss.

  • Mechanism of Vegan Diet:

The people who are taking vegan diets normally take a diet that is low in fats and proteins and the calorie intake is lesser as well and hence they are allowed to eat anytime a day and still they can lose plenty of body weight.

A dietician Aberman RDN is a specialist doing research on migraine patients along with people having trouble while losing body weight suggests that since the caloric intake is too low in this diet plan, people can enjoy frequent smaller meals many times away.

As compared to non-vegans the people taking a vegan diet have lower body mass index (BMI), furthermore, their blood cholesterol levels are also lower as compared to non-vegans.

The food which is obtained from plant resources is generally rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients to keep them healthy and active. The average calorie consumption is also lower in vegans as compared to non-vegans.

  • Ketogenic Diet vs Vegan Diet:

According to research, a vegan diet plan follower can lose 9.3 pounds of body weight as compared to the person who is not following a plant-based diet in the period of one year.

Another important point to keep in mind is that participants were not supposed to reduce their caloric intake during this investigation and they also didn’t perform regular workouts.

When mice were tested in terms of weight loss keto diet plan was more successful. The obesity-related conditions such as type II diabetes was also reduced in keto diet followers.

In rats and mice, a great deal of keto research has been conducted. The keto diet has gained much popularity in the past few years since it has been proven to be effective in weight loss.

It was also found that people taking low carb diets after a period of six months were no longer in the phase of ketosis. It was also shown during the investigation that in mice who were given keto diet there was a frequent weight loss in the first few weeks of this diet.

Weight loss was not maintained however during the 22nd week. The main reason behind this could be that many keto diet plan followers return to their dietary preferences after some time.

One of the reasons behind it is that weight loss results have stalled and it is not easy to follow a strict keto plan. It was also suggested by the research workers that keto diet followers reduce a larger percentage of their lean body mass in the form of muscles which burn out the calories and keep the metabolic rate running in the body. As a result of it, the weight loss abilities in the future can also be affected.

  • Expert Opinion:

The experts will tell you that you are likely to get desired results in both the diet plans provided you implement these diet plans strictly. Both the keto diet plan and a vegan diet plan can result in weight loss.

The outcomes, however, are not long-lasting unless for the long term you can sustain this new lifestyle. This is one of the toughest parts of picking up a diet.

According to Ashley Chambers ( a well-known dietician with Indiana University Health) “when you bring up the concept of which diet is more ideal regarding weight loss, the diet plan would be considered successful if it is sustainable”.

The weight loss is likely to happen in both keto diet and vegan diet but these diet plans come up with so many restrictions that for a long term diet intake people have a tough time to sustain these plans.

This theory was also approved by Dr. Charlie Seltzer who is a certified physician in obesity medicine. The diet plan which you are able to follow it for a long time is more successful since both vegan and keto diet plans provide complete fitness solutions and weight loss. He is of the opinion that if you can maintain a particular diet for the long term it would definitely be better theoretically.

According to Seltzer, people with keto diet plans are always happy since, in the beginning, this diet plan is highly effective in weight loss. He also adds that people who often post a lot about outcomes of weight loss, especially on social media, are the tip of keto iceberg, they are happy to discover that the weight loss has been successful for them.

Seltzer also believes that for every 100 people who tried the diet plan, 99 of them failed and this is because they can’t follow it for the rest of their lives. These diet plans are strict and many people fail to implement these strictly.

  • Quick Fix Options for Weight Loss:

Some research workers and experts are of the view that for weight loss there are no quick-fix options. If you want to make your weight-loss sustainable and for the long term you need to continue with the new lifestyle and work for it.

Seltzer says that changing habits is not easy; it is not easy to make major changes in lifestyle overnight for weight loss. After this, switching back to the old lifestyle after a set time period is further difficult.

As a result, the weight loss prescription may be a highly specific one that works alone for you. In short, experts advise you to select the diet plan which is acceptable and sustainable over a long haul and is based on your choice, the kind of food which you prefer and the degree of motivation to reduce your body weight.

  • The Bottom Line:

There are two popular diet plans for those who are interested in weight loss, the vegan diet, and keto diet plan. They are totally opposite from each other in the food strategy but both are proven efficient and effective for the reduction of body weight.

It is also advised to consult a dietician who can suggest what you can include in a specific diet plan. Also, discuss the new lifestyle and its sustainability with the consultant.

People on keto diet plan tend to lose weight quickly initially but at the same time they also lose mean muscle mass and it has been shown via research that the body cannot remain in ketosis six months after the onset of keto diet plan. Those people who are at a vegan diet are likely to reduce 9 pounds over one year if they strictly follow the diet.

Some experts also believe that eating a vegan diet doesn’t ensure weight loss and also it is seen that since the diet is highly restrictive people give up. Hence, according to experts, the diet which is sustainable in the long term for a person is a successful diet.

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