Tips for keeping hair less oily in the summer


Like every other thing, summer is also associated with some good things and bad things. You can enjoy the cool summer colors, a swim at beach or pool and delicious summer fruits but at the same time also must face the scorching heat of the sun with sweaty, oily skin and hair. One needs some cooling remedies for hot sun, moist skin and oily hair to keep enjoying the season without getting fried in the heat.

How summer treats your hair

What summer can do to your hair let’s have a look:

  • The blazing sun dries out everything including the moisture of your hair and skin. The result is dry and dull hair
  • Air pollution along with dust and sweat increase the associated problems of hair such as itchiness, dandruff and split ends which result in increased hair fall
  • An increased level of humidity together with the heat also makes hair dull and lifeless. The result is the limp hair.
  • Frequently using shampoo and conditioner may seem a good idea in summers but this may do more harm to your hair than providing any good
  • If you use a hair dye than the sunlight and heat is also going to fade the color if exposure to the sun is excessive

Know your Hair

Knowing about the damages summer and sun can do to your hair is not enough. You need to dig out the reasons for hair damage and some workable solution to it, but the first thing to do is know your hair. You need to know your hair type and any agents which specifically damage your hair or anything which you feel that may provide some benefit to your hair.

You need to know your hair and scalp type well before you can go looking for some methods or products to feel your hair less oily and full of life this summer.

Tips for keeping Hairs less oily in summer

Now that you are ready for some tips to keep your hair oil free this summer lets discuss some of them.

  1. Shampoo only when necessary

Shampoo may feel good at first but it’s over usage can actually damage your hair. It’s better to use it according to your hair type and try to use one without sulfates and harmful chemicals. If your scalp is oily, then you can shampoo daily or every other day but if it’s dry then try to use it twice every week.

Try to wash thoroughly and clean thoroughly so that there is no residue left as harmful chemicals leaving behind accumulate on your scalp and make your skin itchy and oily. Try using a mild or herbal shampoo for best results and use shampoo only on scalp instead of applying to all hair and don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.

  1. Use Conditioner

Using conditioner is going to keep your hair oil-free and bouncy for more extended periods. Use a conditioner which suits your hair type and applies on hair strands and tips only avoiding the scalp.

You can also use conditioner for a conditioner-wash. It will help you keep your hair clean and oil free without a need for a regular shampoo wash. Using conditioner wash daily will keep your hair clean, oil-free and full of life.

  1. Try to avoid Heat

Sun heat is on the peak in summers so try to avoid it as much as possible. Try to cover or use an umbrella. It is best to avoid additional heat to hair such as during blow-drying; styling or curling which only damages your hair and causes them to get oilier due to weather.

  1. Try a Short and Manageable Hairstyle

Long hair is difficult to manage and are more prone to oil and greasiness so try to have a shorter haircut, trimming hair ends or tying hair in different styles which are best to avoid oily hair such as ponytails, tip buns or twists. You can also try using scarves and hats which look cool in summer plus they also provide a cover from heat and direct sunlight.

  1. Use Sun Protection

Use sun protection for your hair such as a leave-in conditioner along with sunscreen suitable for your hair type. You can also use a scarf or a cool hat if you like; an umbrella can also be a good option.

  1. Choose right hair products

Choose the hair products which don’t harm your scalp or hair and are suitable for your hair type. Hair styling products, conditioners, shampoos, dyes or sprays which contain harmful chemicals such as alcohol, sulfates, and artificial ingredients are a killer for your hair and stimulate more itching and greasing of hair.

Try to minimize the use of these hair products and use their herbal or natural alternatives. A milder version of the product will also be suitable.

  1. Dry Shampoo and wash

Dry shampoo is a good alternative if you are avoiding daily washing or excessively oily hair. Choose a suitable dry shampoo for your hair type as there is a huge variety available for them. You can also use baby talc or baking soda for this purpose. Sprinkle it on your hair and comb it out. For darker hair, you can add some cocoa powder with talc or baking soda.

  1. Body Hydration

Use an excessive amount of water and fresh fluids which help to keep your body temperature regular. Use fresh fruits and juices along with fresh vegetables. Hydration and fluids help your skin to stay fresh during summer and so does your scalp and hair.

  1. Don’t use hot water for Shower

Don’t use hot water for a shower; try to use regular water or lukewarm water if necessary. Hot water in summer will cause your hair to become oilier and sticky.

  1. Don’t brush hair frequently

Don’t brush your hair regularly as repeated brushing not only damages hair but also causes scalp glands to secrete more oil to its surface causing hair to stick and entangle.

If necessary, use a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush and use only for hair instead of the scalp so that it doesn’t spread oil to hair.

Some Home Remedies for Treatment of oily hair

  • Besides the regular care of your hair, we also want to share some home remedies for treating excessive oil on your scalp and hair.
  • Rinse scalp and hair with a mixture of lemon juice and water. It will work as a good cleanser to clear oil from hair and skin. Cleanse with clean water afterward.
  • Apple cider vinegar diluted in water can be used in spray bottle two or three times per week to reduce oil in hair. Cleanse with clean water afterward.
  • Using yogurt is a perfect way to remove oil and grease from hair. It can be used by mixing with water and rinse or use as a paste and then rinse with plain water after some time. It leaves hair shiny and healthy.
  • Use beaten egg yolk on your head and scalp, leave it for an hour and wash as normal. This will control the oil formation and remove excess oil from hair.
  • Use diluted tea to rinse your hair. Beer is also an excellent alternative to remove grease from hair.
  • Aloe-Vera gel mixed with lemon juice or honey is a perfect cleanser for oily hair. Apply on scalp and leave for some time and then wash as usual with shampoo.
  • Mash a banana with some honey, make a paste and apply on the scalp, leave for some time and then wash it.
  • Use beat egg white and apply on scalp. You can also add some honey and olive oil also to add shine to your hair.
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