Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Food Making you Sick?

The chances of a person suffering from various sorts of food allergies are negligible. Food allergies affect almost five percent of the total global population. Patients with food intolerance are abundant since many of us suffer from constipation, problems in swallowing the food, heartburn, gases, and headaches. It is always important to figure out which particular type of food is affecting such reactions in the body. It is the big reason to food making you sick.

There are many allergies and issues of food intolerance whereby the patients are asked to go on food restrictions. These food restrictions range in duration from two weeks to almost a month. Once the plan is followed people will experience weight loss, decline in acid reflux, lesser menopausal or symptoms of PMS, better energy and sleep. This is an additional advantage of going on a restricted diet as it improves the overall health and fitness.

It is seen that the patients experience positive after-effects of a restricted diet. Most of the people are often confused about food allergy and food intolerance, indeed both these terms are totally different from each other.

  • Food allergy:

An immediate immune response which often results in hives, tightening of the throat and sometimes prophylaxis is known as a food allergy. Even a little amount of such food can result in fatal or life-threatening reactions. If you have any doubts regarding food allergies, consult your healthcare provider without trying self-diagnosis as the only doctor can assess you for this.

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  • Food intolerance:

Food intolerance reactions are never sudden; they are delayed and can result in certain intestinal concerns and other digestive disorders. In this field, a lot of research work has been conducted regarding the mechanism of the immune system. The research workers are investigating various other conditions which are caused due to the food we take. Ranging from bloating to a headache, many such health concerns are caused by food intolerance.

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  • Food allergy vs. Food intolerance:

For certain food which we eat, physical reactions are common. In most of the cases, these physical reactions are caused by food intolerance more than food allergies. Sometimes, the same signs and symptoms are caused in both food intolerance and food allergies and this makes people confused about these two terms. When food allergy takes place it can result in a reaction of the immune system whereby many organs are affected. This can lead to a life-threatening condition sometimes.

To figure out the possible food intolerance you might have, you can perform eight step food elimination plans which are considered better than many costly blood examinations. FDA does not recommend blood testing to check food intolerance.

The FDA needs to label the food groups by all manufacturers since these foods are the most common culprits. In many cases, with exception to corn and additives, labels are given on the food so that the hidden food sources can be determined by reading these labels.

  • Avoid taking dairy products, wheat, eggs and soy for the period of two to three weeks. In the meanwhile include alternatives such as cheese, yogurt, and processed food.
  • Add one item back after three days.
  • For the period of 2-3 weeks remove peanuts, shellfish, and corns. Read the labels first and ask for the added ingredients in particular food at the dining outlet.
  • At a time separated by three days add them back one item.
  • Remove nuts such as almonds and walnuts along with all form of fish for two to three weeks.
  • At a time separated by three days add them back one item.
  • Eliminate a particular food or drink with MSG like preservatives and artificial sugars for one week. This is tough for most of the people as this comprises of alcoholic drinks, beverages, snacks, soda. But it is important to note that it is only a matter of one week.
  • If you want, you can add back each with the period of 3 separated days.

Once you are done, you will determine the food which is causing constipation, bloating, joint pain, etc. This is important for overall health and well being. Food which improves your concentration such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados, fish generally is free from food intolerance.

Behind this plan, the story is that certain types of food result in the intestinal inflammation, joints disorders, and cramps in the stomach. Once you know the food which is offending your system, you need to remove it. If you still add that offending food in your diet, you will notice that the symptoms are hitting back. In some cases, the reactions become stronger.

If you are still confused or you feel that you have some life-threatening type of food allergy, you need to contact your health care provider as soon as possible. Your body will be much better once you eliminate the food which triggers health concerns.

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