How to prevent disturbing Thoughts from Controlling Your Life?

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Most of you might have experienced the condition of waking up in the middle of the night and surprise yourself with a thought which is simply unshakable. The disturbing thoughts often strike the mind and dealing with these disturbing thoughts can make you feel super isolated. Everyone has to go through this thing at some point in life while there are so many ways to make this comfortable and easier.

In our consciousness, the intrusive thoughts often strike or some thought causing a great deal of distress. According to clinical psychologists, these thoughts break into the experience without any desire for them to be there. Due to the nature of these thoughts, they are particularly distressing.

Everyone in his life sometimes has to experience such intrusive thoughts, these range from examination fear to any breakup with the partner, a serious accident in front of you can be extremely horrific and can have a great impact on you and your thinking. You cannot prevent such thinking completely but there are some possible ways to help them happen less. You can always make them less distressing if they ever happen to you.

Here are some of the ways to deal with negative or intrusive thoughts suggested by experts:

  1. Let these thought flow by:

When you give power to them over how they make you feel these intrusive thoughts are highly upsetting. How you control your reaction to these intrusive thoughts can however be controlled. One of the easiest ways is to let them flow by. According to psychiatrists, the intrusive thoughts are highly distressing when you try to make them stop. As you do so, they will be more readily available in brains and are likely to return more. The best possible way is not to give power to these thoughts.

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  1. Change your focus:

Keep your focus on other aspects. Between refocusing your energy and distraction there is a great difference. When you want to get a break from intrusive thoughts, refocusing your energy can be really helpful. Learn to forgive yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for such intrusive thoughts. Try to keep yourself engaged in something else so that you are distracted from negative thoughts. When our brains are quite the intrusive thoughts often come to us. The stressed condition promotes the likelihood of such intrusive thoughts. Staying idle trigger the intrusive thoughts so one of the easiest solutions is to find the activity whereby you can divert your concentration. The activities like music, movies, conversation with a friend or loved ones, sports or physical activity, the hobby can keep the brain busy and engaged in some other activities and hence this refocusing can be calming and healing for you at the time of distress.

Change your Focus

  1. Find out the trigger of these thoughts:

Try to find out what triggers such intrusive thoughts and this acts as a prevention tactic, it can keep you away from such thoughts and you feel much safer. Such thoughts are random completely and are often triggered by our internal state or the environmental situation. It is therefore important to learn the circumstances which bring up such thoughts. The factors which contribute to intrusive thoughts are short working deadlines, driving at night, preparing for an exam, etc. sometimes your state can also trigger the intrusive thoughts such as sadness, anxiety, and hunger. To stop the thoughts is another way to avoid stress. You can keep yourself calmer by telling yourself, it is a stressed day but there is a big party or loud music next door.

  1. Face the thought with courage:

There is a way to acknowledge the presence of intrusive thought and it is actually talking to your thought. This allows putting yourself back in control. According to some experts when you try to push a thought away, you indirectly add fuel to the fire. When we tell ourselves not to think about a particular thing, we often experience a rebounding effect which makes the intrusive thoughts even stronger. The best solution to this is to let the thought free and face it with courage. Talk to your intrusive thoughts and tell them you are listening to them carefully. Self-love and compassion are shown by this technique. To mitigate the tough feeling of distress and discomfort love and compassion can be highly critical.

  1. Mindfulness practices:

One of the greatest stuff around is mindfulness. When you are trying to regain mental control after experiencing unwanted or negative thoughts it can be particularly useful. Mindfulness practices can be observed under this condition to find out where your mind goes and this practice can sometimes keep the intrusive thoughts quiet. To refocus and repair these practices can be a highly active and efficient way. Make it clear to you that these are only the thoughts which are often remote from reality. Use mindfulness to get a peaceful and calmer state of mind.

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  1. A reminder that it is only thought:

Whatever strikes your mind and is making you worried, don’t forget to remind yourself that it is only an unwanted thought. This is an ideal way to reclaim your power over the intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts often raise the emotions which we often dislike so most of the times we try to push these thoughts away. Remember a thought is only a thing that struck your mind and it cannot hurt you. In this way, without altering your behavior you can let the thought exist. It can be super empowering to know that you have an ability to prevent some of the distress.

  1. Communicate more with friends:

Since most of the times, these intrusive thoughts are unwanted; to bring your experience with your close friend can be often hard. Keep in mind that these can happen to anyone and this can always be helpful for you. Reaching out to a friend is mostly a great experience.

  1. Talk to a professional:

One of the most important points which are always valid is to get the professional’s help. Whenever it feels right you can seek help. In any case when you find that intrusive thoughts are affecting your everyday life in a negative way you can always get the help of professionals to get a peaceful state of mind. Professional will guide you the possible solutions to combat the intrusive thoughts and other related mindfulness practices.

About having intrusive thoughts there is nothing out of the ordinary, if you are quite upset to have such thoughts and looking to get help, you can talk to someone close to you, you can practice mindfulness and some similar therapies. Forgiving yourself is the key and the best way is to change your focus on any other matter, you can do this by taking part in some active sport or physical activity so that you remain busy and there is less time to have some intrusive thoughts. Another important thing is a self-reminder that intrusive or negative thinking is quite normal and every human being suffers from it somewhere in life. Some experts believe that when you allow yourself to experience negative thinking you get more power and can keep yourself in control. This regain of control is always important as you tend to combat intrusive thinking.

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