15 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair


Summer is here, and so does the scorching heat of sun, sweat and messy hairstyles. Everyone is looking for a beautiful, smart and fresh look in summer which is not only comfortable but classy as well. Short hairstyles are a norm in summers especially after the long winters everyone wants to cut the hair short or at the least trim them to have a lighter summer feel. This naturally is also helpful in keeping the hair healthy by getting them through a cycle of regular cutting to get rid of the double-ended hair.

Want some help to fight the heat and humidity this summer? Let us check some cool hairstyles to let you choose the one best fit for your hair type, face shape, and personal preferences.

Faux Bob

Divide the hair into three parts left, right and back. Backcomb the front sections to use them as padding and make pony-tail of the back portion. First, drag the pony-tail a bit down and wrap with a band than lift them up and pin them on nape. Pull the pieces to the shape of your choice. Taking the front sections, pin them to the back side making the form of a bob. You can put some short hair around your face to create the look slightly soft.

Faux Bob - Healthycounter

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Polished Pixie

A pixie can be an excellent alternative to keep away the hair off your face in the summer heat. It can also be used to put a lasting impression on a formal occasion. Apply anti-frizzing serum to hair and let them air dry. Use an oil-based serum and comb them straight to finish the look.

Polished Pixie

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Trendy Tousle

Apply hair pomade to the front hair and lift them and pull them up and towards the sides of the forehead. Set them using your fingers and let the rest of the hairless structured to keep a modern look.

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Full Top Knot

A full top knot in summers can be an excellent way to adopt a formal look by pulling back your hair in a pretty way. This will give you a smart and sleek look in hot and humid days of summer. Use some wax on dry hair and using a brush to make them into a pony-tail at the top of your head. Divide into three sections and arranging them to add volume to your hair. Twist the sections and wrap them one by one using hair bands and then with pins to complete the look.

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Braided Updo

Looking for a casual hair look in the evening try braided updo. Make two sections of your hair and divide them in the middle. Hold them horizontally and braid, folding over your head without any bulging. Keep the look a little softer by putting some braids around your face. Pull the outer edges and pin them to the base of opposite braid, pin their ends for a finish.

Undone Updo - Healthycounter

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Undone Updo

Want to have a fresh look in the summers? You can pull back your hair to a low updo. It gives a casual still a decent look for going out with its loose strands. Divide the hair in the middle and make curls of the whole head using a one-inch curling barrel. While leaving the front end as they are, make the rest of the hair into a pony-tail and secure using a band. Wrap the pony-tails around the band securing with pins. Get the final look with a light hairspray.

The Braided Bun - Healthycounter

The Braided Bun

You can add a twist to the hair bun by braiding the hair before tying them up. Divide the hair in the middle, braid both sides till the ends by braiding them under each other for a tidy look. At the end wrap both sides into a bun and pin them to put in place.

Retro Ringlets - Healthycounter

Retro Ringlets

In humid days don’t straighten your curly hair instead use a trendy style for curly hair without any hot blows. If your hairs aren’t curly naturally you can make them by spraying sea salt spray and let them air dry. Twist your hair into tight sections of an inch to form waves on your head. Rough the twists by running your fingers through them and diffuse them dry.

Cinched Ponytail

To achieve a clinched pony-tail make the hair into a pony-tail slightly higher with the application of a little hairspray to keep the hair intact. Use elastic bands and place them as desired. Make smaller rounds by placing the bands closer and for larger rounds place them a little apart. Continue with the process until you reach the pony-tail end. At the end make the shape rounder by pulling the edges of hair and place them between the bands.

Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is an excellent way to give the braid a new twist. You can perform this do by dividing your pony-tail into two halves and keep sub-sectioning the outer sections as you keep on working. Taking the outermost subsection, cross it towards the middle side and do the same procedure on the opposite side making an overlap of the first section in the middle. Move on like the same until you are done with all of your hair than complete the do by securing it with an elastic band.

Retro Ponytail

Ponytails are an excellent choice during the hot summer days as they help to keep the hair off your neck. You can add some polished look to the simple pony-tail by lifting it a bit higher at the top thus adding some height along the crown. To create a retro look you can use a hairbrush to create some lift at the top of your head and make the hair into a pony-tail by securing with a band. Hide the band by covering it with hair and cover them by securing by hairpins. Use a brush to smooth the hair crown out from any stray hair.

Soft Sweep

If you have wavy hair let them air dry after a bath and split them into two along face side and tie them at the back of your head while leaving the ends out then secure them with hairpins to get a finished look.

Side Braid

A side braid can be an excellent fit for all ages especially if you have no time to wash the hair after returning from a workout. If you have thick and long hair, this style will suit you the best. Take the hair to one side of your head and make three parts and braid, securing the ends with bands. You can make the look more casual by keeping some around your face.

Half-Up Bun with Curls

A mini knot is a wonderful way to keep your hair away from the face especially in hot and humid days. Use 1 or 2-inch sections of hair and curl them using an iron, repeat for the entire hair and ensure that the bottom is bouncy. Divide the hair into top and bottom sections and lift the top part and turn it into a short ponytail. Make two sections of the ponytail and wrap them around the bun. Secure the pony-tail with a band and bun with pins for a complete finish.

Wispy Roll - Healthycounter

Wispy Roll

Try a polished twist to an ordinary bun and turn it into a wispy roll without using any hairstyling tools. Damp the hair by some hair styling cream and comb them into the middle. Divide each of the sides into sections each of 3 inches. Twist each of them loosely from the front to the back of the head, gather the twists and make them into a messy bun of hair. Let the hair dry and arrange using bobby pins to establish a clean look.

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